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My name is James Scott Quick, known to my family and friends as Scott, & I am running for Governor in the Great State of Wyoming in 2022.

In 1969, at the age of four, my family moved to Wyoming from Nebraska; I have lived here and called Wyoming my home since. After graduating from Douglas High School in 1983 I joined the United States Marine Corp. Following an honorable discharge in 1987 I returned to Wyoming and entered the workforce. I started in the uranium mines then transitioned into open pit coal mining, then pipelining; ultimately settling into owning and operating my own oilfield service company.

As a husband, grandfather, veteran, and a business owner, I see the need in Wyoming for quality state leadership. I'm tired of politicians thinking they know what is good for me better than I do, and I'm finding I'm not alone in that thinking. I believe I represent the majority of Wyoming's hard-working men and women and I think it's time one of us stands up to protect our home from government overreach.


Protecting Wyoming's energy industry needs to be job one, along with keeping Wyoming workers' money in their own pockets. I think it's long overdue that one of our own stand up for Wyoming's citizens and our lifestyles.

Myself, my family, and my friends would greatly appreciate your consideration to endorse my campaign for Governor of Wyoming. It is very important to me that I do my best to represent Wyoming citizens and businesses alike to my highest ability. I am deeply passionate about having in-depth conversations with a rich variety of citizens, taking into account their perspectives as well as all information available, to make well-informed decisions in the best interest of Wyoming as a whole.


James Scott Quick

Wyoming Governor Hopeful

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